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Trash or not to trash your dress? That’s the question! – wedding photography


Wedding photography –  When couples hear about  “Trash the dress session” they automatically see destroyed, dirty, covered with mud dress. Yes, indeed, the name of this special wedding photography session doesn’t appeal to everyone and can be very confusing.  Now I am more careful and just call it “After Wedding Session” which, to many, sounds more reasonable and also less scary;)

So what is it? Let me explain it. It is just a fun wedding photography session to do when you have more time than the day of the wedding, you do not have to rush or stress out. You will have more choices of locations, more variety, more time and especially more fun. I, as a wedding photographer, am personally a big fan of  “After Wedding Sessions”. Bride and Groom are more relaxed, not limited with time and are able to fully enjoy photography session. As I am experiencing now, wedding days become more and more hectic, limited with time. Ceremony, quick family pictures, party, cake etc. That day is perfect for catching the moments, emotions which can sometimes be forgotten between the stress and rush. Then “After Wedding Session” gives me and newlywed couple opportunity to focus only on themselves.

Ideas?  You can get a little risky with your “After Wedding Session”, like splashing in water or riding horseback, but you don’t have to. I had opportunity to work with many people who were not afraid to take some risk. I had men jumping into the lake, couples standing in the waterfalls or climbing the mountains.

For those who would like to be more careful, there is also plenty of opportunities to enhance your wedding portfolio with magical and unique pictures. Locations?  Every location can be a great background for your wedding pictures. Many times it refers to individual newlywed couple special places. Your first date, your favorite beach, restaurant, park –  possibilities are endless. I visited multiple countries, capitals and traveled all over the world to capture those moments. This was the perfect opportunity to add a different style to every couple wedding photos and some out of the ordinary locations. Check some sample pictures on my Fanpage:

After the wedding is over, you have two choices of what to do with the dress. You can hide it in a plastic bag and hope that your daughter will want to wear it in 20 years, or you can put it back on and have some fun, get great wedding pictures and endless memories. I am sure years after the wedding, once you will get into your daily routine, go back to work, there will be nothing more exciting and heartwarming like opening your wedding photo album and recalling those magical moments saved on fabulous wedding pictures.

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