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My work, my mission

Christopher Kuras Photography

Every work done with passion becomes a mission. My work as a photographer aims at showing you the creative art of photography. My mission is to visualize the receiver. A picture is not only a reflection of an image or a record on memory card, but it is the reflection of people, and most of all, of feelings and emotions.


I hope that just this mission, which for me is my passion, will be able to guarantee a successful cooperation that leads to satisfied customers. Photography and image transmission are both for me an inseparable part of life.


„While taking pictures, with the open eye I look at the world and with the closed one I look into myself” to draw out something exceptional from the moment which is passing, to stop time for you.


I have been working as a photographer since the year 2000. I am a graduate of the College of Photography in Krosno, Poland.

My artistic repertoire includes a variety of works. I have participated in many individual/group exhibitions as well as numerous contests, and have been awarded many prizes. I also serve as a photography consultant for several companies on the local and national levels.

It is possible that there a lot people who are looking at this website might be interested in my company, based solely on the price. However, my answer is simple. It is difficult to put a price on a photo. Every client is an individual with special requirements and wishes. And I can answer all your questions via email, telephone, or in person.